Sunday, 3 August 2008

Tony Leamon released from bail!

CPW have been celebrating following Tony Leamon’s release from bail on Wednesday 31st July 2008.

As readers will know, Tony was due to answer police bail for the fifth time at Camborne police station last Wednesday, almost 11 months since he was first arrested. However, on the Wednesday morning, police visited Tony at his home as on two previous occasions and informed him that his bail had been delayed yet again. However later on in the day, Tony was told that his bail would be dropped and no charges brought against him.

CPW would like to thank all those who supported Tony over the last 11 months, especially Mike Chappel, whose commitment and dedication to Tony’s cause has been an inspiration to us all, Tony’s supporters in the USA and the Celtic League. Tony has experienced at first hand the injustice of the UK’s Terrorism Act and the overly enthusiastic response by the police to act with insensitivity under the Act. Without his support base Tony may well have found himself in jail and been another forgotten victim of police state criminal justice abuse - just another statistic in police eagerness to meet targets and make arrests.

CPW are taking a well deserved holiday, but will be back in September 2008 to highlight Devon and Cornwall police injustice.