Monday, 28 April 2008

Camborne is not just drugs and anti social behaviour!

From the wording of this Devon and Cornwall Constabulary press release it would seem that Camborne is a den of iniquity. The majority of people from Camborne are honest and law abiding despite living in an area with some of the worst social deprivation in Europe.

This press release makes it sound like everyone in Camborne is either a drug dealer or anti social and does not do justice to the good people of the town. Shame on you Devon and Cornwall police!

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Sarah said...

Idk.. There's a 21 year old mother of three that braggs about her cocaine and heroine use.. I pray to God she isn't breast feeding. And it's sad to read that she "left a line" for her 16 year old sister at home.. What is this world coming to?