Saturday, 26 April 2008

More police on frontline duty, but more answers needed

In February 2008 Chief Constable Stephen Otter promised that in exchange for an above inflation rise in the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary share of Council Tax, 200 police officers will be put back on the streets. Then he said that this may not be the case.

However now, after two months, Otter says that only 20 police officers will be returned to the streets. What is going on? Is Otter renegading on his promise?

Devon and Cornwall police say that these officers are returning to frontline duties because of management changes. Devon and Cornwall police say that this will consequently save the force £500 000 in pay and National Insurance costs, but will any of these savings filter down to the tax payer? CPW somehow think not.

On another point how many of these 20 frontline police officers will be in Cornwall?

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