Thursday, 24 April 2008

Speeding cars

Police in Cornwall want residents of a housing estate in Cornwall to help them catch speeding motorists.

Claiming that the police don’t have the resources to patrol Trelander in Truro more frequently, they have asked residents to undertake their own survey to assess the times when speeding is a problem. Using that information as evidence, the police have promised to send a patrol car to the area at those times to catch the speeders out. The agreement was reached as part of a Partners and Community Together (PACT) initiative between the police and members of the local community.

Meanwhile a member of Devon and Cornwall police in Cornwall has been caught speeding on a public road by a speed camera and then trying to cover it up. PC Richard Holding - from the London Metropolitan police, but transferred to Cornwall - switched on his blue police lights as a rouse to pretend he was chasing a suspicious car and to cover the fact that he was speeding. Holding will be prosecuted next month and he has been told that there is a possibility that he could be sent to jail (although CPW think this very unlikely), but will be certainly asked to resigned or be sacked.

Holding will be added to the list of Devon and Cornwall police officers who have broken the law for speeding.

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