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The Kernow Branch of the League continues to receive messages of support and cooperation from around the world for one of its members who is due to answer police bail on Wednesday (26th March 2008), over six and a half months from when he was first arrested.

Tony Leamon, who is the Branch Treasurer, was arrested last September following blanket arrests by the police as they searched for persons behind the Cornish National Liberation Army (CNLA), which later became known as the Cornish Republican Army (CRA). Mr Leamon is now the last person, of those arrested, to remain on bail and many of his possessions are still confiscated by the police authorities.

The General Secretary of the League has written to the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary and other bodies to complain about the treatment of Mr Leamon and is awaiting their reply. Mr Leamon, who is registered disabled and has leukaemia, last appeared at Camborne police station to answer bail in January. He was interrogated without rest for approximately 10 hours and was only released too late for him to make the long journey home independently.

Last week, Mr Leamon was visited by the police at his home after he had written to his Member of Parliament to complain about his treatment, who in turn had written to the Chief Constable, Stephen Otter. The police told him that his bail was only to be expected while they carried out their investigations, but noted that on the day of the arrest Leamon's father, who he cares for, was left unsuitably cared for.

As a consequence of his unjust treatment, news of Mr Leamon's plight has travelled around the globe. Early in March a leaflet explaining his ordeal was distributed at an art show in New Mexico, USA exhibiting work that had been produced by Irish republican prisoners. The art show was attended by a number of US politicians. Another organisation in the US that fund raises on behalf of prisoners from the Celtic countries has sent donations to help pay for any legal costs that may be incurred, should Mr Leamon's case go to trial. Someone else has also set up an internet Blog in response to the arrest of Mr Leamon and other Cornish nationalists who were arrested in 2007, called Cornwall Police Watch and features daily comment on police related activities.

Mike Chappell, Kernow Branch Secretary and Assistant General Secretary, who has been campaigning hard on Mr Leamon's behalf said:

"He [Tony Leamon] now has a world wide following of people interested in his welfare at the hands of the police in Kernow and although the situation is barely known in Kernow, those outside from as far a field as Australia, India and the USA will be watching the actions of the Colonial Police in their dealing with him. Tony has also received substantial support from Kernow's Gay Community although he is straight. Many Gay people in Kernow feel that they have been ill treated by the police in the Duchy and there is much empathy between the two movements."

In protest last week, the Kernow Branch sent Mr Otter a copy of the book 'Our Future is History' by John Angarrack. The Cornish history book has been just one of the many Cornish related items (along with flags and Cornish language tapes) the police in Cornwall have confiscated from the people who have been arrested in Cornwall. The book was also on show at the art exhibition in New Mexico.

Messages of support for Leamon continue to be received from individuals and organisations in Australia, Brittany, Cornwall, India, Wales and London.

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