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Source: Celtic League
Author: Bernard Moffatt

The Celtic League Secretary General, Rhisiart Tal-e-bot, has again registered concern with Devon and Cornwall Police over the treatment of Cornish nationalist and League member Tony Leamon.

Mr Leamon has had a further extension to bail conditions at a hearing today the second since his arrest in September of last year. The General Secretary has told Devon and Cornwall Police that the protracted nature of the proceedings against Mr Leamon is placing him under additional psychological stress at a time when he already suffers health problems (see below):

"Chief Inspector J Meakin
District Police Headquarters
Liskeard PL14 3DX

26th March

Reference PSD/QU/48/07

Dear Chief Inspector J Meakin

Tony Leamon

I am writing further to my previous letter addressed to Ian Boyne of the IPCC, who has informed me that you are now in charge of the issues raised by myself on behalf of the Celtic League in my letter to Chief Constable Stephen Otter, dated 18th January 2008.

Tony Leamon, who a member of the Kernow/Cornwall Branch of the Celtic League, answered his bail at Camborne police station today, as requested by the police at his last bail hearing at the same station on 16th January 2008. Today was therefore his second bail hearing since his arrest on 6th September 2007.

He was informed today, after another interview with police, that he would be required to answer bail yet again on 13th May 2008. Mr Leamon has now been subject to over 20 hours of police questioning, but has not been charged or been released from his bail. As I mentioned in my previous letter to Mr Otter, Mr Leamon severely suffers with his health. I have been in regular contact with Mr Leamon since his arrest in September and have seen at first hand how these prolonged periods
of bail have affected his state of mind. Even though he remains in relatively good spirits, the psychological stress that he has been under as a result of these bail hearings has been intense.

I am therefore writing for the record that the Celtic League disapprove of such treatment of a member of our organisation and are concerned for the future wellbeing of Mr Leamon under these circumstances. We would therefore appreciate it if you could tell us for how long you expect bail to continue in this way and whether you believe Mr Leamon's treatment is absolutely necessary?

I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely

Rhisiart Tal-e-bot
General Secretary"

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