Wednesday, 26 March 2008

How many bails can one man receive?

Today Tony Leamon answered police bail at Camborne police station, as reported in earlier postings on the CPW site.

Below are a series of emails that were forwarded on to the CPW team today, who have been feverishly keeping track of the latest developments for our readers.

As you will read, Mr Leamon has been bailed yet again by the police until 13th May 2008. Just how long can a man be bailed for?

“Below is an e-mail from one of the Kernow CL 'team' looking after our dear friend and comrade, Tony.

I believe Tony is a victim of the worst kind of police victimisation here. Seven months on and still police bail is renewed.

I trust his solicitor will pursue this matter as a formal complaint. he is now under a requirement to again go back to Camborne Police Station on 13th May, 2008 - in excess of 8 months after the initial arrest.

I do recall Penryn Glasney Day. We were all stood at the monument and then went on to take part in the procession, calling out solidarity with the firemen there and then on to a cream tea in the Temperance Hall which Tony actually filmed. I was dressed in my kilt at the time and eating splits and cream. I then drove a wide variety of people home including a member of the Stannary Parliament to St. Day.

I really think the police are taking this issue too far and why was this latest issue not put to Tony over the past seven months during the pressured interrogations he was subject of ?

Tony must continue to receive our fullest possible support and prayers/thoughts at this late stage.”


“I just spoke to Tony; apparently, the police are now "clutching at straws", as his solicitor put it; he must still answer bail again on 13th May, which apparently is procedurally fine...
They basically said that he took photos of St. George's flags at some campsite on north coast (?) and that very morning, apparently, there were 3 threatening phone calls made to the campsite. Tony told them that he was at the Glasney monument at the time that two of the calls were made, and with you driving in the car when the third one was made, and that you could vouch for that. He has no idea about these calls other than what they have said to him. Must admit, tis the first I've heard of this too. Also, none of the calls made came from any of Tony's numbers - as quizzed by solicitor - so they are basically assuming that, as he has pictures of flags at the camp, he must be guilty of also making those calls...!! Extraordinary...
He's fine and, in fact, very pleased as the worst is over and he's finally getting the message across that they are barking up the wrong tree.
I think the police are finally getting the message that Tony and the Celtic League are, vociferous perhaps, but peaceful in their ways.”


“I have this afternoon spoken to TL on the phone. He is in good spirits and I am happy to say, now with a firm of very well regarded lawyers. Tony was more than happy to answer again the police questions, he has now been subject of over 20 hours questioning and the lawyer representing him is surprised at the police interviews and conduct.

By way of a surprise, Tony has also received an offer of £3,000 to help him in any court case. This has come from a person who wishes not be named at this stage (IT IS NOT ME! although naturally, I will help financially) and was straight out of the blue.

The police seemed surprised at the ill ease felt by many Cornish people regarding the flag of England in Kernow and as you will know, I was in the process of lierally giving away our black and white flag of St Piran to all and asunder as well as writing to people asking them to fly our Celtic flag. It would seem that Tony was seen photographing an English flag in Kernow on Penryn Glasney Day and that an alleged threatening phone call was made to the people flying the flag whilst we were at Penryn. Needless to say, and this comes as no surprise, no such call is recorded against Tony's mobile or any other phone seized by the police and the call remains untraced by them. I do recall numerous internet postings regarding the English flags in question and the upset felt by many of those posting the messages so understand the reasons behind the photograph and had events not overtaken us all, would have arranged for a set of Celtic St Piran's flags to be sent to the person concerned.

Tony is happy for this information and that posted by me previously and by Iwan to be released generally. He has also been interviewed at length by the local press and this may be released after this horrible affair is over. As I have said, Tony was with me, and indeed many others, when these alleged calles were made and we were all in very public places at the time celebrating Glasney Day and thereafter, in Falmouth at a performance by Jack Bolitho's Celtic Band in the Prince of Wales Pub.”


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