Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Our Future is History?

As stated in the Blog blurb, this site was set up following the arrest of a number of Cornish nationalists in Cornwall by the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, including, but not only members of the Celtic League.

It has been the intention of this Blog to provide comment on the activities of Devon and Cornwall Constabulary in Cornwall and to provide the public with information related to them. The reason for this is to give a better understanding and knowledge of the police service that operates in Cornwall.

It is the opinion of the CPW team that Devon and Cornwall Constabulary are a colonial police force in Cornwall and that this will be the case until Cornwall gains its own independent force, unmolested by the English Home Office. The colonial nature of the force, where Cornwall and its islands are policed by an English Constabulary that is allied to an English monarchy, is at odds with Cornwall’s own laws and customs. Of the Celtic nations, only Cornwall and Brittany have a police force that is ‘shared’ with another territory that is not its own.

The arrest of the Cornish three – Hugh Rowe, Graham Heart, Tony Leamon and several others whose names have not been revealed in the press – and earlier Jack Bolitho in 2007, with their confiscation of Cornish literature and memorabilia, shows that Devon and Cornwall Constabulary have little understanding and respect for the Cornish nation. This is not a recent phenomenon either, as can be seen with the arrest of the three Stannary Parliament members – Hugh Rowe, Dr Nigel Hicks and Rodney Nute– in 2000, along with a host of other less well publicised cases before and during these periods. Without its own independent police force Cornish people will no doubt be arrested again in the future, for believing in a different Cornwall that is autonomous and free to uphold its own laws, political customs and culture.

Tony Leamon is now the only one of the Cornish three arrested in September 2007 that is still on bail. He is due to answer bail at Camborne police station tomorrow. If Leamon is charged with anything, then CPW will report that another injustice has been committed in Cornwall by the Devon and Cornwall Police Constabulary. If he is released without charge, we hope that Mr Leamon can put these oppressive times behind him and that his experience will make him stronger and more determined to work for the history of Cornwall in the future.

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