Sunday, 2 March 2008

Where did you say?

Devon and Cornwall Police are keen to get their hands on all the latest gadgets. Last year it was the taser gun and this year it’s an upgraded police protection system.

The police protection system provided by Northgate Information Solutions is a necessary piece of equipment for officers, because it can accurately pinpoint where officers and their patrol vehicles are. The system can also help to speed up officers response time to incidents, because control room staff have access to their whereabouts.

This is absolutely essential when police officers, unfamiliar with unknown territory, are called to investigate an incident by the Devon based police control centre at a place called something like ‘Roon’or ‘Rooin’ or ‘Ruan’ or maybe ‘Ruin’ or ‘Run’ or perhaps even ‘Ruan’. The potential difficulties that such a call out can have for police officers based in Plymouth are all too obvious.

Plymouth based Superintendent Peter Strawbridge at Devon and Cornwall Police was particularly thrilled by the usefulness of the new technology:

“Our new partnership with Northgate allows officers and vehicles to be located quickly and accurately, significantly enhancing officer safety… particularly in rural and off-road situations.”

In such far flung unchartered territory as the Lizard Penisula or West Penwith officers and vehicles need to to be in and out as quickly as humanly possible.

Who cares if the new technology puts one or two more percent on the Devon and Cornwall Police share of the Council Tax – at least they may now be able to find where they are going.

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