Sunday, 1 June 2008

Letters of support

CPW has now been copied into a number of letters that thave been sent to Devon and Cornwall police constabulary about Tony’s case. Edited versions of some of the letters can be found below. A reply from Devon and Cornwall Police was also received to one of these letters, which was also forwarded to CPW and is set out below:

Devon and Cornwall Police letter response (from

“Good evening,

Thank you for your email. The investigation regarding Mr Leamon is still ongoing.


Edited copies of letters sent to Devon and Cornwall Police and copied to CPW:

“I write regarding a friend of mine, a Tony Leamon of number ... who has been subject of the most awful harassment by the officers of the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary and their controllers...the Crown Prosecution Service and other Governmental Agencies.”

”This poor fellow has been on police bail for 10 months whilst the much vaunted but equally despised police in Cornwall try to rake together a bit of evidence to take him to court under some trumped up charge. It will probably be something really serious like spraying graffiti or waving a Cornish flag, maybe even getting drunk and being found in possession of a John Angarrack book...This police force which again does not rate that well in surveys is really scraping the barrel if they want to nail this chap for being a terrorist. The man would hurt or harm no one.”

”So far, no mention of Leamon or his case in the Cornish media...”

”Yes, they may make Tony Leamon a scapegoat, poor sick chap – that should look very good in your courts as he is supported by his elderly and unwell parents in his walk up to the dock.”

”And why ? - because the man had the bottle to stand up and say ' I am Cornish and not English '.”

”In Wales, he would be declared a National Hero!”

”...I would like to draw your attention to the following Internet site and say that although it is not mine, I agree with every comment made in it. It is increasingly apparent that the Police in Cornwall are anti just about everyone other than their political masters to whom they bow and scrape for crumbs from the State table in the form of their pay packets and valueless awards. ”

”Money is not the issue here. True justice and freedom of thought and open opinion away from the control of an Orwellian state is!”

“Tony's case has drawn International attention. His list of supporters grows each day.
It would be prudent of the State to consider this with each decision it makes regarding Tony.”

“While I would be happy to help Tony Leamon relocate to an area where he would not be treated in such a manner, I do not believe it to be just and fair for anyone to have to flee their homes in order to live freely and without harrasment.”

Please use the comments above to write your own letters to the following addresses and add some for good measure!

Crown Prosecution Service:
osecution Service:
Tracy Easton
Chief Crown Prosecutor
Hawkins House
Pynes Hill
Rydon Lane
Devon EX2 5SS


Julian Herbert
Divisional Crown Prosecutor
2nd Floor
Infirmary Hill
Truro TR1 2XG

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