Sunday, 1 June 2008

People’s perceptions of the police

As pointed out in a previous blog posting, people’s perceptions of the police have changed considerably within a generation. This is because the role of the police in our society has changed and a distance has been created between them and the public they serve. Today this has manifested itself into a ‘them and us’ situation. In Cornwall, among Cornish people, this sense of alienation with the police is a growing phenomenon, as people increasingly realise that the police constabulary that serves them is a colonial force.

This rewrite of a Ladybird classic for children highlights, in a humorous way, some of the real public perceptions that are held about the police today. The Policeman

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by the Pink Pasty said...

As a Gay Man living in Cornwall the single most likely person to abuse, violate & persicute me as a gay person is unquestionably

...a Cornwall Police Officer.

That is NOT a perception of Cornwall Police is a FACT of EXPERIENCE!