Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Short film publicises Tony’s plight

A short film has been made about Tony Leamon and uploaded to you Tube. It can be viewed here. Many thanks to those of you who helped out in the making of the film, especially to Mr Lidbury for his encouragement and suggestions!

CPW hope that this will be the first of several videos to highlight Mr Leamon’s cause. All contributions welcome.

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by the Pink Pasty said...

To get more hits on your video on youtube.

1. Load it up on a global site not Spainish

2. The title words are picked up by search engines.

A better title might be " Cornwall N0 Eden ?". It would then get picked up in searches for anyone looking for Cornwall and/or the Eden project...reach the masses.

3. Add as many tag words in the box as possible.

4. In the descrpition 1st paragraph use words that people might search for ie. Cornwall Police, Cornish Pride, Surfing Paradise.

If you have not done so already pop the vid link into Cornwall24 it comes well up in some search engines.

My own 'gay related' videos have been viewed by over 370,000 times...thats a lots of people getting a messege about homophobic Cornwall police!!!

PS: I embedded your video into my blog.