Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Race and Diversity - What is Otter’s position?

The Celtic League has been writing again to Chief Constable Stephen Otter in his role as Association of Chief Police Officers spokesperson for the Race and Diversity Business Area.

The Celtic League copied Otter in on a letter addressed to Cornwall County Council Leader David Whalley about the racist graffiti on a Methodist Chapel in Carnon Downs. The police told the press that they were “appalled” by the damage, but what is Otter’s view?

As Race and Diversity officer, otter should have issued a public statement and be doing something to further good relations between members of the Cornish public? Maybe even a rare appearance in Cornwall at the site of the chapel where the graffiti and damage was caused.

The Celtic League is right to ask what is being done by those in charge.

Source: Celtic League News Item

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