Friday, 13 June 2008

Tony in high spirits, despite months of waiting

In an email to suppoters, Tony Leamon, sets out below how he is faring, despite the massive pressure that he has been under all these months. As it can be seen, his spirits are high nevertheless and states that he is “almost looking forward” to his next bail hearing on July 2nd. His resilience in the face of injustice is an example for us all.

“My temperament is a lot better these day because I think the police are finally showing how weak their case is. I am almost looking forward to my next bail hearing on July 2nd.

Of course this is still affecting me and my family. My father, 94, is still terrified of the police at the door. In my entire life I do not remember the police having to knock on our front door in anger.

My mother, who is slowly recovering from her bi lateral mastectomy, is keeping a brave face on all this, as all mothers do.

One thing that has given us all strength is the support I have received from complete strangers. Everything from people who recognise me in the street, to emails from other continents. Every time I type my name into Google, and see all the hits, my heat soars. Not just for me, but for all of the little people who fall foul of the state.

I answer my bail on Wednesday, July 2nd, at 3pm. I'm going to Camborne Police Station again. I have spoken to the West Briton, our local paper, and they hope to have a reporter present. I ask that anyone who can make it stands outside the police station, with a Cornish flag, Do so politely, and with the dignity we all have. If you cannot make it, give them a ring, stating it is non urgent, and then state you are enquiring about the progress of Mr Leamon's case.

Please do not use any aggression, or intimidation with them. They are only doing their job.

I thank all my friends, from all over the world who are giving me their support.

Kernow Bys Vyken”

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by the Pink Pasty said...

Quote " They are only doing their job"

Sorry, but that is not MY experience of numerous Cornwall police officers misconduct & practises.