Friday, 4 July 2008

Newspaper in Cornwall gets story wrong!

It is indeed a shame how the press in Cornwall have virtually ignored the Tony Leamon story and then when one news paper attempts to cover it, they get their facts wrong and portray the campaign in a negative, humorous way.

The following article ‘PROTESTER RALLIES TO SUPPORT NATIONALIST’, written by senior reporter for the Western Morning News, Lyn Barton is full of misconceptions and errors. Even though she has been among the first to cover the story to a limited extent in the mainstream press, she showed up her poor research skills to the detriment of the newspapers reputation. The article may prove a little humorous for WMN readers, who know nothing of Tony’s plight, but she has either failed to show or deliberately omitted the world support that Tony’s case is receiving.

Whether the delay of Tony’s bail by the police (and/or the Crown Prosecution Service), at the last minute, was a deliberate attempt to pull the carpet from under the feet of supporters or they had heard of the planned protest and decided avoid what could be bad publicity, we will never know.

The Tony Leamon support network is tight and almost everyone is kept informed of what is going on via the internet. Some people however are bound to not hear about the very latest developments, as in the case of Mr Evans.

CPW are disappointed by this obvious lack of reporting skills and hope they can correct the story at a future date. Good photo though.

Lyn Barton’s email address is:

Source: Western Morning News
Reporter: Lyn Barton


11:00 - 03 July 2008

A solitary protester answered a rallying cry to demonstrate in support of a man questioned in connection with the activities of an extremist nationalist group in Cornwall.

Tony Leamon yesterday answered bail for the fourth time since he was arrested in September as part of an inquiry into the Cornish National Liberation Army, which had threatened to firebomb premises associated with Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver.

The Kernow Branch of the Celtic League had urged members to turn up at Camborne Police Station at 3pm, where the 58-year-old was due to answer bail.

However, in the event, Mr Leamon appeared to have arrived at the police station before lunch, and was released on unconditional until July 31.

At the appointed hour, only Jezz Evans, carrying the St Piran's Flag and wearing a T-shirt proclaiming that Cornwall was "next to Wales" turned up.

Mr Evans, 24, and who is studying for a masters degree, said he was keen to show his support for Mr Leamon.

"I support people like Tony who I believe have been wrongly arrested for being terrorists when there is just no evidence to support it," he said.

He claimed Mr Leamon was being made a scapegoat for being a "vocal" and "passionate" supporter of the Cornish cause.

Mr Evans said many members of the Celtic League would not have been able to turn up due to work commitments, but would support their friend. "I am a student so my hours are flexible," he said. "All the rest of the Celtic League will probably have full-time work. They would definitely support him in spirit.

"I'm not disappointed to be the only person here today."

Mr Leamon, who lives in Falmouth, was one of four men arrested in September on suspicion of the illegal possession of a firearm as part of an investigation into the activities of the CNLA. The shadowy extremist group claimed to have come together in a bid to free Cornwall from Westminister's control and had threatened to firebomb restaurants connected to Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver as part of their campaign.

Two men, including the well-known Cornish musician Graham Hart, were released without any further action. A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesman told the WMN a 58-year-old from Falmouth had been rebailed until July 31. A 53-year-old man from Camborne was due to answer bail at the same time as part of the same investigation, but failed to appear.

The spokesman said the police were still waiting a decision from the Crown Prosecution Service on the case.

Bernard Moffat, director of information for the Celtic League had called for members unable to come to Camborne Police Station to ring instead.

The police spokesman said the force received thousands of calls every day and that he was unaware of any particularly targeting the inquiry.

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