Saturday, 5 July 2008

What nonsense!

It seems that journalists in Britain and the UK cannot seem to get their facts right at all. Yesterday, in the London based The Sun newspaper, another article appeared about Tony Leamon’s case, which must have been directly lifted and modified creatively from the Western Morning News (WMN) newspaper article that appeared the previous day.

The WMN article was distorted enough and shows that the reporting and research skills of so called journalists are miserably low, but the following Sun article beggar’s belief! Moreover it seems that neither newspaper asked for permission to use the photo of Tony Leamon in their rags.

Tony Leamon is:

41 years old (not 58)
Not a member of the CNLA
Didn’t answer his bail at Camborne police station on 2nd July

See link below:

Source: The Sun (Ohh-Arr you?)


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