Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Tony Leamon’s bail delayed again!

Tony must surely be at the end of his tether. In an email to CPW, Tony Leamon said:

“I was to have answered my bail today at 3 pm. At 11am this morning I had DC 196 Hampson on my door at 11am delaying the interview until the 31st July.
I AM sitting here shaking like a jelly. Surely this delaying tactic is against the law!

My solicitor rang up yesterday to confirm the date-which they did. So I got everything prepared. Now I am delayed to the 3st July at 3 pm. This is the second time they have cancelled my hearing at the last moment. I am sure such delaying and shock inducing tactics are illegal somewhere, but clearly not in Cornwall.

It will be over 10 months since I was arrested, and I still haven’t been charged. Arrested, yes. But not charged. I have been interviewed for over 18 hours, have had my computer, mobile phones, paperwork, flags, and John Angarrk books seized, ad still no charge.

I asked DC Hampson why he couldn’t get things organised. He said it was “out of his hands”. I asked if that was so, could I be seen by the person in whose hands it was. Again, he said, it was out of his hands. The term monkey and organ grinder come to mind.

Speak to all later. Please keep emailing the West Briton, and ringing the police station.”

CPW condemn the treatment that Devon and Cornwall police is meting out to Tony, whose only crime is to campaign for what he believes in.

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