Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Good Luck Tony!

Today, Tony Leamon answers is police bail. In an email to supporters, Tony says:

“The battle starts tomorrow. For those who are braving the rain I will be at the police station for about 2:30. For those ringing in the number is 0845 2777444. State it is a non urgent call, and you wish to be put through to Camborne. When through be polite and courteous.

Why not email your feelings to the local news paper, the West Briton? If enough support is shown I am sure they will run a story. The address is gharris@c-dm.co.uk

As with all innocent people I will probably have a sleepless night tonight, but it will do my heart glad to see some friendly faces at the station tomorrow.

Here is your chance to show your support- take it and enjoy every moment! Let’s show the state they cannot push people with no money around.

If they bang me up, I’ll see you all in 1 to 3 years.”

CPW have been copied in on some of the letters being sent to the Devon and Cornwall Police force and journalists in Cornwall to remind them that the world is watching. Edited versions of some of these letters are below:

“As a Human Rights activist for many years I must say that the ten months of seemingly useless harassment that Cornishman Tony Leamon has received from the State appals me.”

“When a State reaches the point where it will repeatedly call an as yet "uncharged" citizen to attend bail hearings set at the whim of some faceless "officer of the state" only to spend hours upon hours asking the same questions that State is moving away from being a free land and into very dangerous territory.”


“Dear Journalist

I am writing to you from my home in Cathair na Gaillimhe (Galway) in Eire otherwise known as the Republic of Ireland.

I won't be outside the Camborne Police Station in Cornwall on 2nd July but Mr Tony Leamon and his plight will be high in my thoughts and that of many others here. What is happening to him might as well be in the Ireland of 30 years ago.”

Now, it is not the English I despise as much as their rotten colonial system and that is why I spent a deal of my life fighting against that system. I am proud of what has been achieved and that out of 32 counties, 26 of them are free albeit not perfect. That imperfection however at least belongs to us and we shall do our best to put it right. We're working on the other occupied six counties and one day our country will be united.

“I have been following the Tony Leamon story from its outset. It does seem to me that the whole world knows about him except where he comes from - Cornwall - or Kernow as it should be called. When I was a young boy, I was made to read a book called '1984' by George Orwell and many of us looking in from the outside can see that is what is happening where you are, albeit 24 years later than Orwell envisaged. You are now being controlled in what you can say and write as journalists by the authorities and that is a very dangerous state of affairs indeed.”


I am not prepared to reveal my identity as I was a serving police officer in the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary until the early 1990's when I retired after 30 years service.

I wish to draw your attention to the below references:

A. cornwall police watch blog

B. the news is now public Tony Leamon story

I came across these stories whilst researching police affairs of the past. I strongly suggest you read both website entries from start to finish.

I am ashamed of what the force has become if what is contained in these stories is true. The internet now is more widely read that the newspaper media of our days and it is no wonder that public confidence in the police is falling.”

“What on earth is going on in the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary? Have they forgotten what they are all about ? Where is the integrity the force was so proud of ? In fact, where is the pride ?”

“I am remaining anonymous because in today's environment of malice and nastiness, who knows what action might be taken against a police pensioner but I am the old fashioned sort who still talks to the public and I know your public relations are a complete disaster! Go back to training school and start again.”

CPW will look forward to hearing more – so keep writing and calling the police and newspapers to highlight Tony’s case.

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