Wednesday, 21 May 2008

A credible police force?

A Freedom of Information Act disclosure (14/05/08) has revealed the total number of officers disciplined by the Devon and Cornwall police force, broken down by the nature of the disciplinary offence and the punishment given for the last three calendar years (2005 – 2007).

As it will be seen a total of 55 police officers from the force have been disciplined in one way or another or investigations into their contuct have been carried out. However of these 55 officers, only 5 were required to resign and 2 were dismissed outright. More were fined in days of pay.

These are the officers that have been employed and paid for by the tax payer to serve and protect our Cornish communities. Is this the kind of police force we want? And why aren't these offences better publicised?

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by the Pink Pasty said...

Fifty Five police officers DISCIPLINED


...Christ, we can identify almost that many just through those we have had personal experience of lies, abuse and violations against gay people in Cornwall.