Sunday, 4 May 2008

An infringement of the rights of young people?

The topic of the anti youth Mosquito device had been hotly discussed in the press for several months now and its use has been heavily criticised by a number of organisations, groups and individuals with some calling for its complete ban. Its use has also received support from groups and individuals who fear anti social behaviour, including some Council’s in Cornwall and the Devon and Cornwall police.

According to a Devon and Cornwall police disclosure form there were 24 Mosquito devices in the Devon and Cornwall constabulary area in October 2007.

To date, the London Government and the EU say they have no plans to ban the device, but as the Celtic League point out, one court in Brittany has demanded that an English holiday home owner to remove the device from his property. With the Scottish Nationalist Party also calling for the ban of the Mosquito, perhaps there is a growing Celtic cultural attitude against the use of a device that infringes on the rights of young people. It would indeed be interesting to hear what Plaid Cymru have to say about the issue, although Bethan Jenkins, Plaid Assembly Member, suggests she could be against them.

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bethan said...

Yes we are against them as a party.