Monday, 5 May 2008

How much of a colonial force is Devon and Cornwall police?

The Celtic League are continuing to keep the pressure up on Devon and Cornwall Police, with their campaign to discover how police constabularies in the Celtic countries are committed to the Celtic culture and language.

They have now written to police constabularies in the Isle of Man, Scotland and Wales and have received some very positive responses. The League has now turned its attention to Cornwall and asks some interesting questions. As pointed out in this article:

“The force serving Cornwall is unique in terms of policing in the Celtic countries in that it has a operational area that transcends a National boundary. Sometimes referred to disparagingly as the "Devonwall Police" by some nationalists it remains to be seen if its trans-border structure effects its ability to identify with the Celtic component of the community it serves.”

We look forward once again to seeing what reply, if any, Chief Constable Stephen Otter gives.

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