Sunday, 25 May 2008

Tony’s support base grows

A ‘Tony Leamon Support Group’ has been set up to further the cause and press coverage of Tony Leamon. In a statement that they released yesterday, the Group has echoed the call of CPW for supporters to now get in touch with the media in Cornwall, who have so far only given minimal exposure to those Cornish activists arrested in September 2007.

Only Tony Leamon is now on bail of those initially arrested, but lets make sure the injustice that he has experienced at the hands of the English colonial police in Cornwall is not forgotten. One way that this can be done is to show the press how wide Tony’s support base is.

Statement by ‘Tony Leamon Support Group’, as reproduced on Now

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by the Pink Pasty said...

You might not get any joy with the local Cornish press...The West Briton (North Cliff Newspapers...part of the Daily Mail chain) simply could not care less even about even a homeless child living rough on the streets of Helston & the abuse he suffered from Cornwall police

...God knows we tried to get the Cornish press to pick it up

...but local media are so far in bed with the corrupt Devon & Cornwall Constabulary.

Good Luck

Try making a 'youtube' video

...our channel about Cornwall police homophobia has been viewed by over 335,000 people worldwide.