Monday, 19 May 2008

‘Resist and survive’ the cultural purges!

The Cornish campaigners who were arrested last year by the Devon and Cornwall police all had their books by John Angarrack confiscated, for some unknown reason. Now Angarrack has launched yet another book and this time it attempts to make sense of the police and government cultural purges that took place during this period and set them in their proper context.

The rear cover text of 'Scat t'Larrups: Resist and Survive' reads:

“The year is 2007 and Government react to what appears to be a co-ordinated threat to national security. The Secretary of State sets normal affairs of Government aside to hold two days of crisis talks with her advisors and the future king is consulted. Dawn raids by dozens of armed police result in suspected terrorists being rounded up at gunpoint. Enemy flags, instruction manuals and documents in a foreign language are taken as evidence. High profile personalities are offered special protection and the press hint of a plot to blow up the QE2. The tension abates only after Government and judiciary conspire to intimidate the community into compliance.

A Tom Clancy thriller? No. The events described above really happened – in Cornwall. But what is the truth behind the sensationalism and why did Government take such extreme measures against Cornish people? John Angarrack’s follow-up book to Breaking the Chains and Our Future is History looks at what happened during this period and attempts to set events in their proper context.”

The Kernow Branch of the Celtic League has sent Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police Stephen Otter his own copy of ‘Our Future is History’ in an attempt to disuade him and his officers from pinching other peoples. Maybe the Branch will also be sending him Angarrack’s latest edition!



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