Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Devon and Cornwall PC avoids jail

As predicted by CPW, a Devon and Cornwall police officer who was caught for speeding and then used police equipment to try to cover up the crime has not been sent to jail.

PC Holding blames his actions on stress relating to his time spend as a Royal Military Policeman in Iraq and officer with the Metropolitan Police's SO 19 unit. Holding lied once to avoid being caught, so why shouldn’t he lie again to avoid conviction. CPW think that if this had been a member of the general public, the magistrates would have thrown the book at him!

Instead of jail Holding must pay a fine and will be suspended from duty (probably on full pay) until the matter is taken to an ‘internal misconduct hearing’.

Holdings arrest comes just weeks after Devon and Cornwall police took part in ‘Operation Vortex’, which targeted dangerous motorists. In two weeks Devon and Cornwall police issued over 400 penalty tickets.

Meanwhile Tony Leamon is still being kept on bail for at least 10 months by Devon and Cornwall police for possession of Cornish history books, Cornish language learning material, Cornish flags and taking photos of English flags with his mobile phone.

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