Tuesday, 26 February 2008

“Bill bored” – Devon news

A brief scan through the latest edition of Billboard, the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary online newspaper, is further evidence that Devon and Cornwall police are only really interested in Devon.

Of the 41 news items skimmed, only 6 relate to events and/or people in Cornwall. The vast majority (22) were about people and/or events in Devon with 13 ‘neutral’ items. You may be thinking that this is because there are more people in Devon than Cornwall and indeed you would be right, but there aren’t that many more people to warrant an almost quadrupling of news stories. According to the last Census there were 501 267 people in Cornwall compared with 704 493 in Devon, a difference of just 203 226.

Can the difference in frequency of Cornwall and Devon news items in Billboard be explained in terms of news worthy stories, in that there is more interesting news in Devon?

I seriously doubt this to be the case, because the entire paper from start to finish is insipid and reads like a very poor relation of the Devon edition of The Western Morning News or Parish Times. In fact this lack of interest that the paper inspired in me put me off from checking previous editions of Billboard to see if they were as Devon biased. I just couldn’t bring myself to read another edition all in one day and will have to wait for a moment when I really have nothing better to do.

Where do Devon and Cornwall police get the money from to produce such drivel? Surely no one reads the rag and it must cost a fair bit to produce. Is it any wonder that Devon and Cornwall police are raising their share of the Council Tax? It just seems so unfair that Cornish residents are paying for Billboard.

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