Monday, 18 February 2008

Can the police in Cornwall be trusted to do their job properly?

The following email suggests otherwise and highlights some of the reasons why the Devon and Cornwall Police Constabulary in Cornwall need to come under increasing scrutiny by Cornish civil society:

• "Devon and Cornwall police 33rd out of 43 police forces in the 2007 performance tables.(source: Home Office)
• Devon & Cornwall police 5th most complained about police force out of the 43 forces nationwide in 2007.
• An average increase of complaints by 10% per 1,000 officers nationwide, but D and C increase in complaints was 19%. (source: IPCC)

Having personally won twenty two recommendations AGAINST Devon and Cornwall police as a result of complaints to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, I know how dishonest, corrupt and prejudiced some D and C police officers I have encountered are! Trust them?...I would not trust them anymore with anything as valuable as stained toilet paper."
Police victim, Cornwall

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