Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Good News!

Light does seem to be appearing at the end of the tunnel for two people arrested in September 2007, as part of a police crackdown on activists from the Cornish movement.

Letters from the police have been received by the two men to say that personal possessions will be returned to them after many items were confiscated on the day of their arrest, including books, flags, computers and money. In addition, one of the men has now been told that he will not be charged at all, despite being originally threatened with terrorist offences and money laundering!

The other man, a member of the Kernow Branch of the Celtic League, received a letter from the police to say that only part of his possessions will be returned and is still requested to answer bail in March 2008.

Nevertheless it has taken almost five months for the police to realise that they have once again over reacted, months of worry and stress for the two people arrested and months of campaigning work by individuals and organisations. All this wasted time could have been better spent elsewhere if the police could have only done their job a bit better.

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