Saturday, 2 February 2008


The Police in Cornwall have been exercising themselves recently using the new discredited Anti-Terrorism Legislation.

They have paid visits to Celtic League activists, one of whom was threatrened with detention for 20 days (without charge) under the new Anti-Terrorism Act.

Mike Chappell, the Celtic League Kernow Branch Secretary, and Jack Bolitho were both visited by police in two separate instances involving League activity.

Firstly Jack Bolitho was picked up by the Cornwall and Devon Constabulary after attending the Llywelyn Ein Llyw Olaf ceremony in Cilmeri, Cymru/Wales last December, with other members of the League, to commemorate the death of Wales' last Prince.

Then last week police called around to the Kernow Branch Secretary's house following his involvement in the Celtic League campaign to stop Truro City Council from celebrating St George's Day by taking part in the Loving Cup tour. The police warned Mike, who coincidentallywas a policeman until has retirement 2 years ago, not to disrupt the Loving Cup Tour in Kernow/Cornwall.

In the more serious of the two incidents, Jack Bolitho was questioned by police about his activity with the Celtic League, his involvement with Cornish nationalism and Arab terrorism. Police officers from Wales were also called in to question him about possible connections with the Free Wales Army. Despite not pressing charges, Jack Bolitho who is only 18 years old, was held for 20 days and threatened with the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Its not clear if the two events are unconnected or if it is part of a orchestrated campaign against the League in Cornwall where members have been increasingly vocal in recent years over the erosion of Cornish identity.

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