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The Celtic League are continuing to pursue issues relating to what we believe is harrassement of our members in the Devonwall police area. However dealing with the force can be bureacratic as Rhisiart Tal-e-bot sets out below:

Two replies have been received by the Celtic League from the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, relating to the letter sent by the League to Chief Constable Stephen Otter on 18th January 2008.

Response Number 1. refers to the letter copied to the Freedom of Information Unit of Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, but addressed to Chief Constable Stephen Otter, dated 18th January 2008. In her reply, Jane Lashbrook is right to say that no response from the League was forthcoming, before the 27 June 2007 deadline set by themselves, for further clarification
and details of the issues raised.

As can be seen from previous Celtic League news postings (as shown in the letter dated 27th March 2007 under the 'Police helping with our enquiries' posting), clarification and further details were not sent to the Freedom of Information Unit, because those people in question either did not wish to pursue the matter further or did not want to be named, for their own reasons (for a fuller explanation see previous Celtic League posts).

The Celtic League was aware of the stated time restraint in this instance. However, since the original letter was sent (dated 25th February 2007) and indeed after the 27 June 2007 deadline, further members of the Celtic League have been arrested and additional information can now therefore be provided. This resulted in the letter, addressed to Chief Constable Stephen Otter, being copied to Jane Lashbrook at the Freedom of Information Unit.

The Celtic League is not surprised by the response of Jane Lashbrook in her 25th January 2008 letter reply and appreciate the clarification the letter provided. However, the League will now be making a new request for information, under the Freedom of Information Act, asking that all the issues raised in the letter dated 18th January 2008 and those in the previous letter, dated 25th February 2007, now be taken into consideration en bloc.

With regard to reply Number 2, the Celtic League looks forward to the outcome of the referral of the letter to the Professional Standards Department and is ready to assist in the enquiries further.

More information will be posted here as and when it is made known;


"Freedom of Information Unit

Force Headquarters
Exeter EX2 7HQ

25th January 2008

Dear Mr Tal-e-bot

I writer in response to our letter addressed to the Chief Constable dated 18th January 2008, a copy of which you sent to this office.

With regard to your reference to the Freedom of Information Act request you made, we sought clarification from you concerning this request on 27th March 2007. I enclose a copy of the letter we wrote to you for your information.

According to our records we received no correspondence or clarification from you on the matter and, as explained in our March letter to you, we treated your request as withdrawn on 27 June 2007. Therefore as far as this unit is concerned we have no outstanding requests from you.

Yours sincerely

Jane Lashbrook
Freedom of Information Officer"


"Mr Stephen Otter
Chief Constable
Police Headquarters
Devon EX2 7HQ

Dear Mr Tal-e-bot

The Chief Constable has asked me to write and thank you for your correspondence dated 18th January 2008. Your letter has been forwarded to the Professional Standards Department for assessment and they will contact you shortly.

To save time it would be helpful if you were to address any future correspondence to:

Head of professional Standards Department
Force Headquarters
Devon EX2 7HQ

Please quote the above reference in any future correspondence.

Yours sincerely

Chief Constables Office"

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J B Moffatt
Director of Information
Celtic League


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