Sunday, 10 February 2008

Gay Rights Activist Accuses Police in Cornwall of Homophobia

In Cornwall, a gay rights activist has been venting his frustration at what he calls a homophobic police force in Cornwall. Malcolm Bradbury lists a string of complaints against the police that have either gone uninvestigated or been virtually ignored by the police themselves and the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Mr Bradbury, alias Pink Pasty, says:

“To my knowledge the Cornwall police force, in recent years has been accused of:

1. Failure of ‘Duty of Care’ to a homeless 15yr old teenage gay youth (UNIVESTIGATED)
2. Attempted blackmail of a teenage gay youth (UNINVESTIGATED)
3. Abuse of a gay teenager in a strip search & botched ‘Stop & Search’ (UNIVESTIGATED)
4. Seizing of a computer & destruction of a gay businesses (UNIVESTIGATED)
5. Failure to follow ‘TRUE VISION’ & CPS definition of ‘Homophobic Incident’ following serious physical assault of two gay/bi persons (UNIVESTIGATED)
6. Refusal to take statements from Gay/Bi witnesses (UNIVESTIGATED)
7. Withholding Court legal documentation (Investigated, but pitifully excused by the IPCC)
8. Perjury by a police officer in Crown Court (UNINVESTIGATED)
9. Denying a gay person arrested and held in Custody food for in excess of 7hours (investigated, but pitifully excused by the IPCC)
10. Obstruction by police to making a complaint against the police (investigated, but pitifully excused by the IPCC)
11. Un-logged visits by police officers to further intimidate complaintents against the police (UNIVESTIGATED)

There is more, but... 'who cares?' Certainly;-

NOT the Cornwall Police Authority
NOT Cornwall County Council
NOT the Gay Police Association

Sadly the IPCC is inept & completely toothless & ineffectual in dealing with police corruption, misconduct & prejudicial practises & attitudes prevalent within the police. They are simply there IGNORE complaints made or to gloss over police abuses of power.

I speak from personal experience.”


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PP said...

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