Thursday, 21 February 2008

Stolen Flag Returned

The property of those people arrested on September 6th 2007 was, for the most part, returned this week, including the Cornish St Piran flags and Angarrack’s books. One of the flags has now been hung back in its former position in the top stairs window at the home of one of those arrested (see photo).

In addition to having their property returned, the police have also dropped the bail of all but one the men, who is still due at Camborne Police Station on 26th March 2008. This is, needless to add, the same man who still has some of his posessions retained by the police.

At CPW, we were rather surprised by the return of all the Angarrack books. We had assumed that the police had wanted to analyse its contents for “information likely to be useful to terrorists.” In consideration of the dense, and at times, heavy going chapters, we have drawn the conclusion there must be someone on the force who is either a fast reader or they just couldn’t make the effort to read the book through at all.

As for the flags, we had expected that they would be returned in early February after the police march through central London to demand better pay. One of the flags had been recognised immediately by its true owner after a photograph was shown in a local newspaper of Cornish flag waving police officers.

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