Monday, 4 February 2008

“Breaking the Chains”: more than just a book!

Why do the police keep confiscating John Angarrack’s book “Breaking the Chains”? I understand that it is now out of print and very difficult to come by these days, but it does not seem fair that they can raid houses and confiscate every last copy of it.

I have personally known two people who have had their books confiscated in this most upsetting manner, with two others informing me that the same thing had happened to them too. Admittedly, various other items were taken by the police too in the raids, like Cornish flags, clothes and CD’s, but the book…? I just can’t get my head around that. I mean, its not as if the book was well written, although don’t get me wrong, it was excellently compiled material with some snatches of information that were so rare, it would have been difficult to prove that they ever happened at all.

It’s not an illegal book or anything like that and, as far as I can remember, it doesn’t even have any pictures in it. It was even sold in some chain store book shops. It was heavy going because the font is really small and the page margins are really wide, so that after a couple of pages you feel like you have eaten a bucketful of alphabet spaghetti soup.

The mind boggles as to why the police want so many copies of this book. Surely they cannot be interested in Cornish history? Or are they selling them on the black market? Who knows? I am just pleased that I have my one and only copy safely with me in a Bible dust jacket and I am several hundred miles away from Cornwall!

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